dot-town Biz-Plus Portals:
Your 'Digital Main Street'

Digitally Turbocharge Your Town 

Digitally turbocharge your town, BID, or Chamber with one of our dot-town Biz-Plus Portals. Far more than just a website, our 'Digital Main Street' site sets the foundation for your town's digital future and serves as the platform to digitally upgrade your town's businesses: Restaurants can get online order menus and smart reservations; retailers can get an ecommerce storefront; service businesses from haircutters to healthcare providers can get online appointments. We even include a free town-wide digital Gift Card. All for an unbeatable price.

Your sleek new business-focused Biz-Plus Portal is designed to drive site traffic and engagement with family-friendly games and 'single source' content. The free Local Classifieds are a natural fit to bring together local job seekers and local businesses looking to hire. Custom Holiday Sales page included!

Our Digital Main Street websites are affordable and grant-eligible. Custom grant packages and grant application assistance is available. 

Our componentized RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework allows us to build a website for your town, BID, or Chamber fast, for an unbeatable low price. Our site hosting plans include weekly content updates and daily content moderation plus maintenance and support. Contact us today to digitally turbocharge your town tomorrow!

"Your dot-town, your dot-way."

  • Memorable, search-optimized URL
  • Comprehensive local business listings
  • Links to community groups & volunteer opportunities
  • Free local Help Wanted & Business Opportunity ads
  • Perfect for town-wide sales and events
  • Town-wide Gift Card included
  • Increases value of linked websites
  • Brings together local businesses with the neighbors looking to support them
  • Helps turn your town into more of a community!

Live dot-town Biz-Plus Portals

Includes Chamber of Commerce site
Includes Trip Planner
Urban Business Improvement District site
Suburban dot-town website
'Destination town' website

Biz-Plus Portal Benefits

Digital Foundation

Your dot-town Biz-Plus Portal is built to be the 'digital foundation' for your town's businesses to add new online services and customers.

Memorable URL

Your dot-town domain name is search engine optimized and easy to remember. Perfect for town-wide sales, events, and special promotions.

Community Support

Now's the time to build on the 'Buy Local' wave. Your neighbors want to support your local businesses; why not make it easier for them?

New Growth Channel

You need a solid online order channel to grow and compete against the online behemoths. Your dot-town Biz-Plus Portal is the front door to your town's Digital Main Street.

Solid Contingency

What if a snowstorm closes access to stores the week before Christmas? In case you haven't noticed, you need the online contingency channel because...stuff happens.

Optimizing Opportunity

Imagine seamless local delivery of your goods from local drivers for the holidays. Your Biz-Plus Portal sets your digital foundation to take advantage of such opportunities. 

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