you dot town, your dot way
Once upon a time, as all good stories start,

a young entrepreneur learned about creating experiences. He showed that by giving the people a reason to come out, come back, and spend money, whether it is designing the trade show booth experience or revamping the retail store experience, or merely producing that one off event experience that everyone will be talking about, the people would create a relationship with that business. Creating loyal and repeat customers. He built a business around getting people to want to repeat their experience with your business. And it’s no different now, even though by necessity those experiences have moved out of the store and away from crowds.. At Web Samurai we are creating the town square community experience and are promoting local businesses with our dot town initiative. Our slogan “your dot town, your dot way” has a rich meaning in context. We want people, consumers and entrepreneurs, to come together through their chambers of commerce, community boards, or elected officials to build the virtual main street that best serves their needs. We offer an array of easy to manage features for keeping communities engaged and at the same time putting local businesses first.

Features of our town square include:

Mobile optimized

Seamless ordering and reservation scheduling. Now when the honey do list includes “pick up dinner” you can place the order at your local restaurant from any web-enabled device with just a few taps on the touchscreen. Or if you are getting the kids off to school you can schedule the dentist appointment or eye exam right from your local practitioner.

Community oriented

With quizzes and games along side event listings and resource availability our family friendly town square pages serve up local lore that will engage and enlighten.

Hyper local

Free hyper-local classifieds. Helps local people looking for local jobs, businesses looking for local investors, even a space to promote apprenticeships in local trades.

Search engine optimized

The easy to remember, town specific nomenclature is search engine optimized, unique, and memorable. Make sure locals can remember and tourists can find you.

With our dot town websites we can help restaurants create an efficient pool for delivery while ensuring the driver gets paid and the profits don’t go to a third party. These dot town pages help service providers maximize bookings while staying in a manageable region. And we’ll help parents find the supplies they need for easy close pick up or even delivery without having to fund Jeff Bezos’ vanity space project. I’d love it if you would all just take a look at some of our early projects and let us know if you could use something like this in your town. It’s a way we can all live happily ever after.