Time as an investment in Social Media
Getting out and doing some in-person networking?

As we have been getting out and doing some in-person networking I have been hearing more from professionals that they just don’t have time to “do” social media. Most Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles remain stagnant. When I ask them why, they never have an adequate answer. 

“LinkedIn is just an afterthought.” or “I just never get around to it.”

I really want to understand however because right now, particularly after the year we just had, it seems an easy and free way to stay in touch with and connect to clients, workforce, and customers. Why wouldn’t you?

Why would you as an Entrepreneur not want to take advantage of a free megaphone? Any business owner, sales professional or marketing manager should see that a little investment of time could pay real dividends. 

Most often the excuse I get is the one that says “I just don’t have enough time”. Everyone understands the importance of time management, and we have all heard the adage that time is money. So I get it, arguably time is more valuable than money since you can always earn more money but you will never get more time. I have written elsewhere about the convoluted hand written index card system that I concocted to help me manage my time as a motorcycle salesman where I kept track of follow-ups and sales contacts. Today, of course, we have so many more sophisticated systems of keeping track of these things. Now you don’t even have to think to check because you can have it ping your phone.

So why is it that these same professionals can’t find the time to do the simple upkeep on their social platforms? If you can budget 10 or 15 minutes a day to return phone calls and you are spending 10 or 15 minutes updating your calendar app. Then you can budget 10 or 15 minutes a day to do some posting on your social media channels.

Budget 10 or 15 minutes a day to do some posting on your social media channels.

There are so many platforms to keep track of and sometimes it can be overwhelming so it may be important to prioritize. Try to target your time on the platforms that will have the most bang for your minutes. Obviously LinkedIn for B2B, Facebook for B2C and Instagram and Youtube if you have big visual things you need to showcase, like real estate for example. But there are also plenty of aggregate tools that will cross promote your posts to multiple platforms and save you oodles of time, time being such a valuable commodity.  

Some say that they don’t perceive the value which of course I don’t understand, not today. I’ll ask them why they do the networking events? Isn’t it true that there is no immediate benefit to handing out a card and shaking a hand? Other than maybe a free beverage. If they can make the investment in an in-person event, then the investment in social media becomes more apparent over time. As professionals we need to build our social proofs, these are the online bread crumbs that we leave to help our clients find us and our customers comfortable doing business with us. We start with a website which is like our old school brochure, but it can not stop there. We need the LinkedIn profile if we want other businesses to take us seriously. We need the facebook profile if we want customers to be able to find us. They must be active or our prospects will move on to pages with more up to date content.

Which brings us to the nagging question of content generation. Where does one get the content?

When I told some folks the other night that I did a blog post for Web Samurai for Hire once a week, everyone wanted to know “how do you get your ideas?” Well it is not easy and as a social media strategist, I know that it can’t just be any content either it has to tie in in some way. Much as I want to write about the season finale of The Bad Batch, if I can’t tie it to the business and industry questions of the day then I really shouldn’t be doing that article. Arguably the content creation is the most time consuming part of all of this. But there are some tricks you can develop to make this easier. So over the next couple of weeks we will get a chance to take a look at some of the ways I generate ideas and create content to help you fill that void of need.

Do you see what I did there? Not only did I give myself a head start on some of my weekly articles I (hopefully) piqued your interest and you will come back here to learn how to make it a little easier to maintain your social media presence.

Interest piqued? Come back next week.