COVID-Confident Dining this Winter!

‘Winter is coming’ in both the literal and metaphorical sense for local restaurants. As Restaurant owners have finally settled into the reality of outdoor dining, the weather is about to change--and they are concerned. Winter in the restaurant industry is never easy. This year, add to that the risk of a second wave of the pandemic precipitating another lock down, as well as winter weather rendering outdoor dining uncomfortable if not impossible. All this uncertainty of 2020 means you have to think differently yet again. Is your restaurant ready for this coming winter?

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you're winter-ready:

  • Is my delivery channel optimized? Do I have a solid ‘direct delivery’ model in place or under consideration, or am I OK with paying up to 25% of my delivery revenue to services like GrubHub?
  • Does my indoor dining plan encourage customers to come in to eat or not?  Can my customers feel ‘Covid-confident’ when eating inside? Am I ready to deal with a new lockdown?
  • Have I surveyed my outdoor options and designed my dining area accordingly to maximize warmth and comfort in cold weather?
  • Are my social media channels in shape to actively engage people in my local target area? Am I positioned to leverage social media to increase my recognition and sales?
  • What have I done to stay in touch with my regulars? Do I have a way to contact and communicate with customers and neighbors?

One thing is for sure, Web Samurai For Hire is answering the last question by helping to ensure that your restaurant continues to thrive, keeping people fed and employed in our community. Keeping local business in business will help everyone weather the coming winter.  Contact us today to gird for winter tomorrow—because winter is coming.

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